|| Mouvement Logistics Pvt Ltd, are among the most reputed Service Provider of premium quality services ||


Domestic Relocation

We are familiar as one of the best service providers for Domestic relocation services as both for house hold goods and car transportation. Mouvement Logistics Pvt Ltd Domestic Relocation has an expertise team to relocate your goods in a safe manner. We give assurance for zero damage transportation. We are the one giving at most care for our customers products while packing our expertise team will use tubular packing and corrugated sheets to safe guard products. Mouvement Logistics Pvt Ltd Domestic Relocation offering tension free shifting . As we took total responsibility of your goods as it occurred for any loss.

International Moving

For International Moving we have expertise team which packs the goods with specific materials with out causing any damage to the customer’s goods. Mouvement Logistics Pvt Ltd International Moving delivers the goods with in right time in right place. We perform business deals in international at that time we did research about the client’s culture and regional etiquette. This will helps to move their goods in a effective manner. To do international business rather than financial stability awareness about the culture is essential. Mouvement Logistics Pvt Ltd International Moving use two modes of transportation i.e., air and sea. As we offer door to port delivery of the goods as majorly at Mumbai and Chennai for sea and possess all major airports for air cargo.

Home Storage

For Home Storage services Mouvement Logistics Pvt Ltd are offering best services to the customers. Individuals who are moving for International assignments or coming for India for an assignment or if size of house is smaller than existing goods we keep your goods in a secured manner. Mouvement Logistics Pvt Ltd Home Storage provide additional benefits to the customers such as fire proof equipment, sun bath and retrieval services that offers at an affordable cost. As we have our own ware houses for the home storage of our customer goods in a secured way.

Car Carriers

We stood as a one of the best car shifting service provider in the country. We have 70 customized car carriers to shift our client’s car in a safe manner without any damage. We give importance for our client’s cars as our team will be considered as a valuable good that they are handling, that is the reason we become a premier nation provider for car carriers. Mouvement Logistics Pvt Ltd Car Carriers get appreciations for the customers for our effective and compatible services. As we handle several car shipping deals Mouvement Logistics Pvt Ltd Car Carriers get excellence and our task starts with pick up the car from the client with the help of our car carrier and deliver it in right time.


We are proud to be saying that stood as a leader in transportation technology. We offer several value added service to our customers such as scratch less shifting of the goods, optimizing safety and efficiency for environmental performance of the products. A special feature of Mouvement Logistics Pvt Ltd Transportation is delivered the goods with in specified time with out any delay. Our goal is to optimum utilization of vehicles to maintain environment performance. Mouvement Logistics Pvt Ltd Transportation services demonstrates that we transporting the concepts rather than house hold goods of the customers. To avail our services as we perform concrete actions and report it in a translucent way to our customers.

Warehousing Service

Among all services provided by Mouvement Logistics Pvt Ltd, it is offering a reliable ware house services to the customers. We have ample space to store goods in a secured manner. Mouvement Logistics Pvt Ltd Warehousing Service offer services to both corporate and also for individuals at reasonable rates. Our services include storing computers, documents, home furnishings, electronic equipment etc. Mouvement Logistics Pvt Ltd Warehousing Service takes essential safety measures while shipping to our customer goods. We give preference to our customer’s goods for their freight storage in a safe manner using clock security and other support services to assist our clients. To avail our services visit our site and contact us.

Supply Chain Management

As we have ware housing and transportation as a basic domain here Mouvement Logistics Pvt Ltd Supply Chain Management operations are started. To improve the quality of service and for ensuring customer satisfaction we used to evolve 7R systems which will helps to perform the operations with out any errors. We give at most care for our clients goods while carrying, and deliver it with out any damage. Mouvement Logistics Pvt Ltd Supply Chain Management with its services carrying customer satisfaction by delivering the goods. We are strategically located and near to industrial belts and target markets. We have several value added services such as receipt management, dispatch management, infrastructure assistance.

Exim Cargo

We are specialized in the movement of Export/Import containers to the nation. We offer service to the customers in an effective way. We ensure time sensitivity. Mouvement Logistics Pvt Ltd Exim Cargo is specialized in serving both domestic and international shipments. Our strengths are as we have a large network all over India it become easier for shipment. We have own fleet of trailers and vehicles for the shipment of goods. Mouvement Logistics Pvt Ltd Exim Cargo provides value added services to the customers as prerequisite operations offering from port of origin to destination. To monitor the vehicle movements we have round clock control rooms and maintain transparency while dealing with our clients.

ODC Transportation

We are expertise in handling touch projects that others exist in same industry are rejected to perform. It offers services to transport heavy and bulk cargo. Mouvement Logistics Pvt Ltd ODC Transportation handled wide range of projects such as Heavy crane movements, rail coaches; Infrastructure and Telecom equipment or towers material perform operations. For heavy cargo we use single window services. And also we assist our clients for route surveys. Mouvement Logistics Pvt Ltd ODC Transportation used sophisticated fleet such as high bed trailer, semi bed trailer for moving cargo. We assure safety and damage free transportation services to our clients cargo.


Mouvement Logistics Pvt Ltd Infrastructure offer services in several functional areas such as commercial, agricultural and also for industrial spaces such as ware houses, godowns and large sheds. We give assurance for quality, durability and safety that have been designed for our clients. We use to design roofing structures for the location which are damage and corrosion resistant while at low temperature also. Mouvement Logistics Pvt Ltd Infrastructure has expertise people to design roofs that are voluminous and self supported which is more advantageous and gives good look for the viewers. In addition to these offer services for swimming pools, garages and other defense structures also.

Terminal Management

To perform all air cargo terminal services Mouvement Logistics Pvt Ltd Terminal Management is the segment that has been exists in Mouvement Logistics Pvt Ltd Infrastructure. Employees at terminal management perform their duties in an effective way to manage the operations. Services include taking cargo which is to be exported and examine the cargo unitize it and deliver to the specified destination. Mouvement Logistics Pvt Ltd Terminal Management handles the processes with out any interruption or an error. We serve our customers 365 days as our workers play a prominent role for our success. We give importance for safety and speed i.e., with in right time delivers the cargo in a safe manner with out any loss.

Record Management

For Corporates we offer services to store their records and documents in a safe manner for future use. Mouvement Logistics Pvt Ltd Record Management provides several facilities to the clients such as fire resistant materials, video surveillance and round the clock security personnel and also automatic fire suppression system, wireless smoke detectors. By using vans we use to pick up your records with the assistance of trained employees in a secured way. To review your records we have onsite reference room for your records with a retrieval and viewing request in advance. Mouvement Logistics Pvt Ltd Record Management is more advantageous for the clients, for accessing the records after proper verification of the requests users can access it. Strict rules designed for visitors.